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Lisa, owner and designer of My Wristy Business prides herself on creating beautiful, unique, strong impression jewellery.

These Canadian crafted pieces reflect the strength and confidence of women who choose to show their individuality.

Lisa gained the courage to make a life change, took a chance on herself and went 100% in...

right away business flourished along with her spirit.  

She encourages women to always take a chance when it comes to their passion and hopes her pieces are a subtle reminder of the inner strength in us all.

Beaded Pink
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Metals to Mix Collection

Get your layers on!

The My Wristy Business METAL COLLECTION

is the newest collection to help with mixing and stacking.  

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Bracelet layering or "Stacking" has been around for a long time and doesn't seem to be fading away.  The reason for it's popularity is it allows you to express your style and change up your look at any time.

When you swap out different pieces, rearrange the order and pair different bracelets together you get an endless Wrist Wardrobe.

If you’re just starting out with stacking, keep it simple. You could try mixing a few different bracelets that have some common traits, such as color. Perhaps a black cuff with a couple of silver stretch beaded bracelets and a black bracelet or two.  OR...

choose complimentary colors that go perfectly together, like navy and orange. So maybe a navy cuff with orange minis and a couple of solid silver toned bracelets. Using complimentary shades will really boost the look.

For greater variety and a more colorful look, pair together bracelets of different colors. All the colors should work together and fit with your outfit, but you can have some fun with all kinds of color combinations

The secret of stacking a bracelet is only known by you; you are the one who will decide what suits you. You can go as classical as you like or as wild as possible if that's what makes you feel comfortable and confident. The best part of stacking bracelets is there are no rules really, just do it the way you like, with any type of bracelet, watch or Fitbit you are comfortable with.



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