"I never dreamed my little need would

turn into so many others wants."

This all began by wanting a bracelet for myself that was edgy, cool, unique and the perfect fit.

Average bracelets run between 71/4 to 71/2 and I needed a 61/4 to get away from the slipping, twisting and turning my bracelets were doing.  It was such a frustrating search that I decided to let my creativity flow and this is where it's taken me.

Knowing that I needed a small bracelet encouraged me to fill the need for large wrists as well so away I went.  Through many trials and lots of errors I was always eager to search for better quality componenets that I could be confident in.  It took some time but I've satisfied that aspect and still find myself searching for the next best thing.

I've been blessed with a supportive husband, fabulous friends and a helpful family who have all encouraged me from day one and still do.

I absolutely love what I do.  It took me 47 years to find my passion in life but well worth the wait.


"I never dreamed my Need would turn into so many others Wants!"

Wear your wardrobe proudly!

Your wardrobe is a reflection of who you are and how you express yourself. There's always that one item that makes you feel confident and stand out in your own way. When you find a unique piece your spirits are lifted and YOU chose it to suit YOU.

I'm Lisa, designer and owner of My Wristy Business.  I've never wanted to be a follower when it came to fashion which is what ultimately lead me on this journey. I was always looking for that one piece of affordable everyday jewellery that would allow me to express my style.  The piece I seemed to be missing the most was a cool, edgy, unique bracelet that FIT my wrist.

Spending hours looking for a bracelet that was not only fun but Fit me properly. I just couldn't get that perfect fit with the standard store sizes.  My passion was exposed late 2015 when I allowed my creativity to flow and designed a "me bracelet".  After accepting  encouragement and support of friends and family I took the leap of faith and dove headfirst into jewellery design for all wrist sizes, big or small.

By providing a fun, edgy, unique bracelet through my Materials, Colours and Designs you'll always feel strength in your style wearing a MWB original, it's custom fit for you and suits you.

If you want more wardrobe inspiration please check out my Facebook page and Instagram to create a "Wardrobe for your Wrist".

Find Strength in your Style and Own it!



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